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  • I began working with Eve at a time when my career was no longer fulfilling me. Life felt dull and I felt I had no sense of purpose. I couldn’t envision living the rest of my life doing the same old. Yet, I could not figure out what I wanted to do nor how to go about it. Within a period of five months, I made the decision to go down a total different path and pursue something I was really passionate about. I was scared! I doubted myself and sometimes thought I was more of a coward than anything. But Eve was amazing. She was caring and very knowledgeable, and helped me embrace the change and put together a plan that has really been working out well for me. I could not have it done without her.

    Suzanne W - Social Worker
  • As a result of my work with Eve, I came away with a total different understanding of myself. For starters, I let go of a relationship that was very toxic, and then as I healed my wounded heart, I began to see my life in a totally different perspective. It took a lot of energy and many tears, but Eve was at my side every step of the day, listening compassionately, offering support, and even helping me laugh when I felt so discouraged. I now see and feel Spirit in my life and that has been the biggest gift I gained from my sessions with Eve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Maria Louisa - Recruitment Specialist
  • Eve was a very effective coach and mentor for me. She understood my career goals from the very start, and saw how my regimented mind and personality often caused challenges in my relationship with organization leaders and peers. My interpersonal skills had never been my strong suit, and when I decided that I wanted to move into a leadership position at my company, I knew the time had come to wrestle those monsters to the ground. Eve helped my personal development and pushed me to review my interactions with my peers, leaders and staff and make critical changes in how I interact with others in my work setting. I got the promotion I wanted, and am now working at applying those communication and interpersonal skills in my personal relationships also. This was a very worthwhile process.

    George B - VP Marketing
  • I contacted Eve because I really needed help in getting some direction back in my life, and I just didn’t know where to start. From my very first personal consultation session with Eve I felt comfortable enough to be completely honest in sharing information about my life, and why I was so unhappy. Through further one to one sessions working with Eve I became aware that it was possible to make real positive changes to my life. Eve is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring person. With her guidance and support I now feel much more fulfilled and happier in my life. For that I am truly grateful to her.

    Tim S - Financial Planner