the woman with the seeing heart

Eve Crawford, known by her clients as ‘the woman with the seeing heart’, has held many different titles in her early career. As a teacher, entrepreneur, business director, and psychotherapist, Eve has had the opportunity to work with people of all ages and from all walks of life, helping them take the next steps in their life journey.

life experience

Eve comes from a lineage of women who have the gift of intuition and sight.  Her maternal  grandmother was an intuitive, while her mother was an empath who could sense and work with energetic beings. It took many years for Eve to understand and embrace that much of the ‘seen’ in the world around her, was not seen nor felt by everyone, and that this ability was given to be shared and to help others. It was not until becoming extremely ill, and going through life-altering experiences, that Eve allowed herself to step into a role of helping and  working intuitively with her clients.

Eve Crawford has been guided and mentored  by some  amazingly talented individuals like Dale Landry, Dr. David Morehouse, Colette Baron-Reid, Tiffany Lazic, The Adler Faculty, and The Linn Academy to name but  a few.  Eve worked hard to embrace that Life is not something that happens to people, but that people co-create with Spirit, and that the willingness to be open, brave and committed, is what allows everyone to experience Life with awe and appreciation.

It is with this humbled perspective, loads of life experience, extensive training, gifted intuition, and insightful but always evolving  knowledge, that many years ago Eve stepped forward to bring her services as a Life Strategist, Intuitive Counselor and Soul Coaching® Practitioner  to the world. Today, her titles may have changed, but what has remained constant is her profound desire to influence others to make positive changes to become the best, most authentic and most powerful versions of themselves. 

Eve Crawford is pleased to offer Personal Consultations, Intuitive Counselling, Coaching for Success Sessions,  Personal Development Programs, and Soul Coaching® 

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