Live Courageously this New Year!

Posted on January 10th, 2017 

How often do you hear people say…”Sure hope the new year ahead is better than last year!”

Who exactly is going to make the new year “better than last year?” The tooth fairy left her last dollar under your pillow years ago, and yes, it is actually up to you to step up and focus on living life deliberately and courageously. 

As you raise your glass and say “Happy New Year!”,  here are six questions  to ponder  how you can build your best  new year yet.

1. What makes you happy? 

Make a list of three meaningful things you can do to create a happier relationship….career….healthier you….and beside each one, list the steps you will take to make it happen.

2. What makes you fearful?

Fear holds you back in so many ways.  Reflect every day on your biggest and deepest fear, and create an awareness around what holds you back. Read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, and take time to recognize the source of your fear so that you can move beyond it.

3. What makes you strong?

Identify your greatest successes and how you accomplished them. What goals did you originally have in mind, and what action plans did you put in place ? How can you take the lessons from those successes and apply them to the plans you have  on the backburner? If you are stuck, consider sitting down with a good friend or a life strategist to work through this.

4. What makes you wise?

If you are struggling with making good decisions, think back to the sound decisions you have made in the past. How did those decisions come about? Is there anything you can take from those processes and apply to your current situation? Are you afraid you might fail? What would happen if you went ahead anyway?  Are you willing to take the risk?

5. What makes you grateful?

If you want to attract good things in life, a mindset of appreciation and gratitude is pretty important. When you express appreciation to others, you are showing them that they matter and are worthy. That gesture creates a sense of connectedness in the universe and comes back to you as well.  Start out each day by appreciating  someone or something in your life. Say it out loud. Feel it and be grateful for it.

6. What makes you unique?

Recognize the beautiful gifts you have and the uniqueness of …YOU. There is no one else out there that has the body, mind, and soul that you have. Celebrate the goodness that is housed within your spirit, and be willing to share yourself with others. While discernment is important, showing the different shades of yourself to those with whom you share a mutual caring, will bring about more genuine and more meaningful relationships.

Happy Brave New Year!

Eve Crawford – Life Strategist