Simple Techniques To Help You Radiate Your Power

Posted on March 13th, 2017 

Have you ever been in the presence of someone so utterly radiant and powerful that you were left in awe? What was it about this person that energized your attention?

Countless self-help books talk about different ways of tapping into your personal power. Some gurus focus their teachings on harnessing mystical energy as a means of accessing the fiery core of one’s power, while authors guide readers to tap in to their sexual energy to explore their ease and ability to be intimate and creative. And then there are the health coaches who encourage their clients to ignite their inner-self with “power” foods and “power” work-outs.

Sometimes browsing the self-help section of a bookstore can really leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed….”I know I want to be more powerful and in control, but where do I begin?” “Should it really be this complicated?”

Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started!

Appreciate who you are

We all have our flaws and our critics inside our heads telling us that we are not smart enough, rich enough, pretty enough, thin enough, and simply….just not enough. When you can love every little intsy bit of who you are from the inside out, then you have made peace with yourself and are ready to move forward from a place of strength.  It is most definitely a process, and takes time, effort, and a willingness to reflect honestly about life, but you can do it! Sometimes, you might need the guidance of a counsellor or a life coach or a therapist to get there, but there are people that can guide you if you feel you need the support.

Choose to be positive

Life throws curves, and a big part of why it does that, is because you are meant to stretch, grow and learn. Imagine if each day of your life was predictably the same in every way. Gosh, just exactly what would you learn from this existence? When you resist challenges, or choose anger and negativity, your resistance holds you stuck in your circumstances. So creating awareness about how you react in a particular moment, and choosing a more positive mindset, will help you move out of your funk, and on to solutions and possibilities.

Be generous in spirit

Earn some brownie points from the heavens by doing good around you. Yield your seat on the subway to anyone who might need it. Buy a homeless person a cup of tea. Say a prayer for someone who needs healing. Give someone a hug. Admit you are wrong when you are wrong and apologize. Send a blessing to the driver who has cut you off on the road…. There are so many small ways in which you can enhance your power by simply shifting the focus on to others who need your human touch.

Be a student

No matter how old you are and how long you have lived, allow yourself to be a student and an observer, as the world around you is your wisest and richest teacher. Yes, you can take philosophy courses, gardening lessons, and culinary cuisine too, if you wish, but recognize that every day that you live and every happy and not-so -happy moment, are your opportunities to learn and grow. It is in growing that you gather seeds of wisdom and experience, and that you radiate your power.

Ask for what you need

Don’t expect others at home, at work, or in love, to know what you need. It is up to you to educate people around about your wants and needs, and to not be afraid to ask for what you want. Far too often, relationships fall apart because needs go unmet, and yet if these had been communicated along the way, there just might have been a chance to have enjoyed a more fulfilling relationship. So take time to think about what you want in your life, what is important to you, and let others know what you want from them.

Radiating your power has to do with embracing who you are, allowing yourself to be, and then welcoming situations and opportunities to enhance the already powerful parts of yourself, so that the less-assembled parts of you, know how to gather steam and wholeness. It may seem complicated, but take just one these suggestions at a time, and focus on it every day. Amazing things will happen!

Eve Crawford - Life Strategist