Why Change is REALLY Good for You

Posted on November 16th, 2016 

Let’s face it. We are creatures of habit. There is no denying that we are very comfortable with the routines in our lives.

We take great comfort when we get up in the morning and know just how our day is supposed to go. In fact, our morning activities are a great reflection of how ‘routinized’ we really are. As the alarm clock goes off, we are already sleepily going through our day in our minds.  We have a certain way and a certain sequence in which we have breakfast, do our hygiene,  get dressed, and set about our day, and we have a vision of how our day should unfold.  And when there are unexpected changes or upsets in our plans, we  experience varying degrees of reaction…from  no reaction, to mild irritation, to major stress.

So are unexpected and unplanned changes bad? Should we avoid them? Embrace them?

It is true that change can be difficult and challenging for many people. When change  comes about in an unexpected way such as a career move, a new relationship, a move to another country, an illness, the overwhelming feeling of having to deal with the unknown can cause  a lot of emotional upset  such as anxiety, stress, depression, or  fear.  The uncertainty  of how the new is going to turn out can cause worry and sleepless nights. Yet, change is an inevitable constant, and defines our very human existence and our evolution as a species. So focusing on the positive aspects of change is a great way to start embracing the inevitable!

Here are 5 reasons why change is REALLY good for you:

Release the Old

We all have our history of old wounds, unhappy times, unfulfilling  jobs, unresolved relationships, and so on. When change comes  knocking on your door, you have the opportunity to clear out some of the cobwebs, and let go of circumstances, people, and patterns that no longer work for you. After all, you cannot bring in a different way of being, living, loving, working, until you release the old stuff in your closet.

Create a Fresh Start

We have all heard the expression that when a door closes, a new one opens.   You now have the  good fortune to create a new aspect of yourself, whether in your personal life, relationship, or career. It is time to allow yourself to feel the excitement creating something new and amazing for yourself.

Manage the Fear (and become stronger!)

We usually have fear when we don’t have enough information about the change, and often it is not possible to know exactly what the change will look like. We are afraid that we may not be successful at this new gig. We have self-doubt. We feel anxious. We are afraid. What if we focused on the real possibility that it is all well, and that we have the ability to manage the storm and get through the rough spots?

Grow, Grow, Grow!

Stepping into the new and unfamiliar is sure to bring some lessons. Some things will go smoothly, while others might be tumultuous, and require strength, determination, and self-confidence. Navigating through the hurdles and finding out that you can do it, will lead you down a path of self-growth and you will have new muscles to flex when the next change comes around.

Welcome New Opportunities

When you take risks and step out of your comfort zone, you come to see yourself as being capable of navigating the mother ship…your life! One change snowballs into another, and before you know it, you begin to attract opportunities with a new found understanding that it is up to you to shape your life, and that no one can do it for you in a way that will bring about your happiness and success. So when you hear that knock, you know how to answer it.

So focus on embracing the positivity of change, rather than the dread. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can do and achieve.

Eve Crawford- Life Strategist