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You have a desire to make significant changes in your life, career,  and relationships. Perhaps there is a specific goal or opportunity you want to achieve. You need guidance in identifying core strengths, clarifying choices, generating solutions and strategies, and you have the courage to reach for the extraordinary, even though the process will ask that you examine your existing beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours so that you can develop new ones that will ultimately deliver the success and excellence you seek.

Coaching sessions with Eve are an engaging, dynamic and creative process designed to maximize your personal and professional potential. As a coach, Eve truly believes that her clients are the experts in their life and that they are resourceful, creative, capable, and have the potential to be powerful and whole.  Eve’s role as a coach is therefore  to help you discover, clarify and align with the vision that you hold for yourself. To facilitate this, Eve works collaboratively with clients to encourage their self-discovery, so that they can tap into their own wisdom, and with guidance, generate solutions and  create the road map for the next phase in their journey.

Coaching is very much a partnership, so to truly benefit from this process, being ready to invest the time and energy to making meaningful changes will result in the transformation you seek. You will be asked   to reflect deeply and answer life and soul questions truthfully.  You will be asked to consider other viewpoints, new perspectives, and take  actions to reach your goals and fulfill your dreams.

You do not have to do this alone. Imagine having a powerful, intuitive and caring coach by your side. Eve will guide you to identify and  transform your goals and dreams into reality.

how do I book a coaching session with Eve?

To book coaching for success sessions with Eve, you must first book a Personal Consultation, as all things begin with an initial consult first. From there, your plan for coaching with Eve will be developed. It is also at this time that number of sessions and pricing can be determined, and a schedule can be arranged.

What are you waiting for? Use the form below to book your Personal Consultation.

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