'taking the first step'

The Personal Consultation is the first step to take if you are wanting to gain perspective on the patterns in your life story, and how these patterns are holding you back from pursuing the limitless possibilities the universe has in store for you.

Much of this is a powerful dialogue between you and Eve, who will assist you in gaining acute insight into what is working for you, what is not working for you, and how you can make life work best, given where you are standing at the present time.

The Consultation is an opportunity to embark on a  process that helps you clarify and define  the larger vision of what you wish to manifest in any aspect of your life…health, wellness, career, relationships, leadership, spiritual development; in other words, anything that matters to you.

Clients have described this process as “positive”, “empowering”, “inspiring”, “exciting”, and at times “a little scary”. Eve’s  grasp of the human experience, her clarity of mind, and her visionary heart, provide the support you need regardless of whether you view this process as “positive”, “scary” or “empowering”.

All that is required is an openness and a willingness to take the first step!

how do I book my first consultation?

Please use the form below to send your query or request for an appointment. You will receive a call-back/email with the information you requested. Please note that due to Eve’s busy schedule, a limited number of consultations are available each month.

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