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Why do you need a personal development program? 

It is pretty amazing that people plan most things in life….their education, graduation, wedding, vacation,  house move, and even the grocery list. Yet, they live life with little or no planning, and when they end up unhappy, frustrated and unfulfilled, they wonder how they got there.

There are some definite benefits to having a personal development plan and program. It makes people ask what they want from life and take a good, long look at what is working and what is not. It allows them to examine why they don’t have what they want in life, and plan in a systematic way to have what they desire. It increases the possibilities that life will be the best and most rewarding journey they will ever have.  Instead of wondering “how much longer” the ride will be, people begin to actually enjoy every scenic moment in that precious journey that is called Life.

A personal development program  helps clients analyze their thinking, and structure it in a new way to overcome whatever is blocking them from succeeding in different and/or all segments of life. It allows them to engage in a process of self-reflection, excavation and reinvention so that they can realize the balanced self and life that they seek.

So how is a Personal Development Program different from Coaching? 

There are too many differences to list here, so for now consider the following:   A Personal Development Program focuses on a process of mentoring, and is development-driven. The purpose is to develop the individual. Coaching, on the other hand, is performance-driven and the purpose is to achieve a specific goal or task. Yes, both of these processes may at different points ask some of the same challenging questions and require the same self-analysis, but the primary focus of the Personal Development Program is to help the individual learn, grow and develop at whatever pace is necessary and in as many aspects of life as they wish. Whereas, coaching is a short-term engagement that is completed once that specific goal has been resolved.

How can YOU develop the best, most authentic and powerful version of yourself?

Eve is a  compassionate, intuitive,  experienced and trained teacher and mentor who has a vision for the possible, and in consultation and close partnership with you, she will you guide you through  a program that  elevates your life, your soul,  and helps you become the best version of yourself.

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